If you have been thinking about getting your bag monogrammed for a while but have been unsure as to whether to do it or not, read on for our top 10 reasons as to why a monogrammed bag is far better than a branded one!

 1. Monograms will always stay in fashion

Your name or your initials will never go out of style!

A monogram adds a feeling of authenticity to any item and its uniqueness means that you no longer need to worry about if your bag logo is too small or too big for the season’s current trend. A monogrammed bag takes you out of the “fashion rat race” and upgrades your style to the next level.

 2.  Monograms are a ‘self-branding’ tool

When you carry a bag with a brand logo, you are very kindly giving them free advertising. But when you carry a bag complete with your name and/or initials, it is all about you!

Have a business to promote? You can even add your company name and let others know about your business instead!

3. It is not ‘showy’… but kind of is too…

The fashion game is cruel! If you carry the season’s latest bag, everyone knows how much you have spent on it. And if you carry last season’s bag, everyone knows that it is old and not in fashion anymore.

But carry a monogrammed bag and wait for people to stare in admiration, so you can say goodbye to jealousy and judgment.

4. It makes the perfect gift

People always feel special than they get something personalized. A bag monogrammed with their name or initials on it will undoubtedly make your present stand out.

5. You can pass it on to future generations

The perfect family heirloom, a monogrammed bag is the perfect find for future generations of your bloodline. Just imagine how nice it would be to find a personalized piece of family history in an attic room or old wardrobe, with a quality of leather that never dates?

6. The perfect subject for small talk

Do you enjoy passing the time of day with bright chit-chat? A monogrammed bag is always a polite conversation starter. Sure to catch people’s attention, it will always have others eager to find out more and compliment you on your exquisite taste.

7. It warns away the thieves

Stolen, branded leather bags have a huge second-hand market. The easiest way to identify the price of a bag is by its logo. Having a monogram on your bag means that thieves will shy away from owning it as it more difficult to identify the brand and the personalization means that it has less value on the black market.

8. It puts a secret smile on your face

You can monogram your bag not just with your name or initials. It can be a word or letter combination that has a special meaning for you. We carry a bag almost every day so why not to make it a secret mood booster?

9. A monogrammed bag portrays confidence

A person who carries a monogrammed bag looks self-assured. It takes a huge amount of self-confidence to let go of the brands that people are buying in order to be part of the ‘in-crowd’. Be an individual and add your name instead.

10. It makes your bag look authentic

Having a monogram on your bag makes your bag look original. Even if you end up buying the same bag as your friend or work colleague, if it has your monogram on it, it will look more unique and stylish than the one with a brand logo.

The best way to see if you like a monogram on your bag or not is to see it in action.

DIZAIND offers you the opportunity to design your own bag and personalize it with your monogram, whether it is your name, initials and/or symbols from our specially chosen selection. Using our state of the art 3D design tool, you can try different combinations of symbols and letters for your monogram, so you know exactly how it will look on your bag before you order.

Each bag is carefully handmade in Italy from a top quality Italian leather in order to last a generation. We use only sustainable leather in order to create less environmental impact.

Each monogram is manually assembled from metal letters, then carefully embossed into the leather in Silver or Gold foil. The result is a true signature of your name or initials in your choice of metalized finish.

Want a subtler monogram? Choose our Blind Emboss option using classic Times New Roman font.

And in case you want to stay incognito, we offer a ‘no logo, no monogram’ option too.