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Fall Has Arrived and Winter Is On Its Way!

With the changing of the seasons it’s time to think about the new fall/winter bag fashions that will keep you stylish and organized. A women’s handbag is not only her favorite accessory, it is a necessity. This season everyone is paying special attention to the personalization of handbags and the styles available that will fit the taste and personality of every woman. If you want to be in style and add a touch of your personality to your favorite accessory, you are in luck, the personalization trend is not going anywhere, as a matter of fact it is expected to continue growing. So if are not sure what the look of the upcoming seasons will be, continue reading and you will be able to choose the bag that makes a statement about you.

How Will You Carry Your Bag?

Whether you prefer crossbody bags, or classic handles, keeping up the current style will be easy and fun to do. There will be a little more focus on the style of straps and handles for this season. Holding your bag by the handle is an oldie but a goodie and still popular, especially with the contemporary style of leaving the strap free to blow in the wind add an additional touch of fashion. Leather and multiple chain straps are all the rage leaving you the options of letting your bag hang off your shoulder, hang across your body or wrap around your wrist. Deciding how you to carry your bag is the first step in the personalization process, it will guide you during the rest of the decisions you will make while you are creating the bag that will become your favorite accessory.

Hand Held Backpacks

Wearing backpacks on your back may soon be the fashion statement of the past. This contemporary style dictates that holding your backpack by its handle is now the most stylish way to carry it. Now if you don’t want to use the handle, that really isn’t a problem, with the personalization options available you can opt for a shoulder strap that is just as fashionable as the handles while making it easier to carry around with you, especially if it is on the heavier side. This is just one example of not being able to go wrong, designing a backpack that is functional, stylish, and lets you make your own statement.

Tassels and Fringing

Still hanging around, tassels and fringes are holding their own when it comes to staying in fashion. They have debuted again this fall and will continue to keep us in style all winter so be sure to keep a look out for them. If these hanging beauties are a part of your fashion sense then now is the time to act, we don’t know how much longer they will be able to keep themselves in the running. If your fashion sense has never led you to tassels and fringes, look to see what’s available and how you can customize them to suite what you want, you may be pleasantly surprised, or an even more exciting thought, discover a new style for yourself.

Bucket Bags

If the bucket bag is the style for you, we have great news for you; they have made the cut yet again! There is a great selection of bucket bags this season, all of them offering the luxury of fitting everything you need to bring with you for your day in one bag, while fulfilling your sense of fashion at the same time. Whether you personalize it with a strap, drawstring or both your sense of style will be evident to everyone who sees you walking down the street with it on your arm or shoulder. Some are even available with back straps if you prefer to carry your bag on your back. Just remember, carrying by hand is a thing to do, but an exception can be made just for you.

Saddle Bags Are Back

Saddle Bags will once again be visiting us for the chilly season. Not only will their original brown leather be coming around there are also newer and unique designs that may grab your eye or make you stop to give it a second look. Personalize them with a chain or leather strap creating the perfect look for yourself. If you are a fan of the boho look, saddle bags are the accessory for you.They go nicely with a pair of boots and a hat if you are going for the western look. If that look doesn’t interest you that’s not a big deal, create your own look, and make it work for you, saddle bags are versatile enough for you accessorize with them however you would like.

Unique Blocks of Color

Colors, colors, everywhere! Another popular trend that has been a continual fashionista pleaser is referred to as unique blocks of color, which is always a charming touch when it comes to accessorizing. This makes personalization of your bag accessory regardless of what type you have chosen fun and unusual for anyone who may not be familiar with personalizing your bag. If you are familiar with personalizing your bag you already know how much fun it can be to mix and match colors, creating bold and vibrant bags that you can boast about creating on your own to everyone who compliments you on the uniqueness of it.

Hottest Colors Hitting the Runways

Red is the color that continues to be the most popular among fashionistas. Rosy red is a great shade of red that will create a bag that you will absolutely love to make part of your accessory collection. Any shade of pink will keep you looking pretty, whether it’s pink mist, pink blush, or hot pink. Now, not only will you be pretty in pink will be trendy in pink too! Looking hot to trot this season are shades of orange, whether it’s tangerine, apricot, or coral you can’t help but take a second look at anyone who is trotting around town with a bag in any shade of this refreshing color. Yellows are not to be forgotten, spicy mustard will not leave you disappointed this season. Customize your bag to the shade of your choice, empire and lemon yellows are among popular design choices. If your sense of style tends to the earth tones, feel free to indulge yourself in everything green! Khaki green, lush meadow, jungle green, olive green, and emerald green have never been so much fun to show off before. Earth tones continue to make the hottest color list with caffe latte, wet sand, chocolate ice cream, dark chocolate and tan brown. Being earthy has never been easier! If your favorite earth tone is blue,fashion designers have kept you in mind, any shade of blue goes, aquamarine, laguna, ocean blue, navy blue, cobalt, and riverside. With all of these shades available, customizing your bag will be fun and easy! Moving right along, lavender, purple,and aubergine have made to the runways this season, with colors that pop like they do you are sure to find the customized bag you are looking for. Of course the color that goes with anything, midnight black, is hot, there is no need to worry about matching! We have finally made it our grays and silvers. Shark Skin gray is popular this season along with granite gray, and glacier gray.Whoever said gray isn’t sexy, has never seen how great this diverse color can be. Personalizing your bag with this selection of colors is a dream come true for fashionistas and women who may not considered themselves a fashionista but do love their handbags.

Let DIZAIND Help You Personalize Your Bag

Here at DIZAIND Bags we love helping you create, the perfect bag to match your individual style. Whether you are a returning fashionista, or new to our designer bag creations, we are here to help you design the bag made to suite your specific personality. We offer bags for every occasion that are guaranteed to add flair to your sense of fashion. We have the trendiest bags around, and take great pride in being a part of your fashion statements, for every season.