Your latest investment deserved to be treated with care. You need to remember that leather is an organic material and with time could become dull and even flake. Following these simple steps you will as great as when you first got it.

  • Keeping it clean. One of the most important things is to keep your bag clean. The general rule is simple: remove dirt with a cleaner, specially designed for the leather in question. Going to your nearest leather bag boutique may be the best thing, as the shop assistants can help you find the cleanser that fits your bag.

What also helps is to give your bag a quick wipe with a soft dry cloth every other day. This quickly clears away in dust that has built up.

  • Conditioning your bag. Prevent flaking and wrinkling by conditioning your bag every month.
  • Keeping it weather proof. In order to keep your bag weather proof then it’s important to keep your bag waterproof. One way of doing this is by using a beeswax cream as this acts as a barrier against water. Beeswax could however result in a discoloration of dyed leather, so do a spot check on an inconspicuous corner. To avoid this you can also use a spray-on protectant.
  • In case of spills. If you ever spill something on your bag then let it dry naturally, using a hairdryer will only cause the leather to crinkle. If your bag becomes stained, then take it to your nearest leather bag boutique to ask for some professional help.

Looking after a leather bag should never be hard work, but with these small steps you can guarantee the durability and appearance of your bag for many years to come.




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  1. Maggie Allen


    Thanks so much for sharing! It is really nice that you can actually use things to keep the leather bag weather proof. When I get a bag, I tend to wear it all the time, regardless of the weather. However, this is also why I’ve been avoiding any leather— I’m afraid I’ll ruin it! However, it’s good to know that some beeswax can fix that problem up! Maybe I’ll celebrate this discovery by getting a new bag!

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