Wearing a white bag in spring/summer season is easy. Wearing it in fall/winter for many people are still not usual. And if you still questioning should you or should you not wear white after Labor Day, we have a piece of good news! This old fashion rule went out of fashion itself. You can rock a white bag all year long! Take a look at our stylist tips on how to elevate your white outfits during fall/ winter season. 

Choose the right material

Sometimes materials make the difference more than the color itself. So, while a canvas or a straw bag would look strange if paired with wool coats and over-the-knee boots, a leather bag looks amazing in any season and any contest.

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The white on white combo

It is often undervalued, but an all-white look is a perfect choice to brighten up the dark winter days. It looks classy and clean. But how to make it interesting? Just play with textures: try to mix smooth leather with a grainy one, to wear leather on leather, or to pair it with a chunky knit or a suede jacket. A mix of textures, even if they are all in one color, will add volume and structure to the outfit.

Add some pops of color

Aren’t you feeling ready for a total white look? Make it your own by adding some pops of color. They will add personality and freshness to a monochromatic look. Try playing with saturated colors, like coral or lime, for a fresh street style. Or with pastel tones, like mint or powder pink, for a romantic look.

Play with neutrals

Or, if you want to stay classy, you can pair a white bag with neutral colors: they make any look clean, polished and elegant. You can wear your white bag with beige and cream tones for a super classy, timeless look that is perfect all day long. Need an idea? Wear a camel coat with matchy pumps and sweater, and pair them with white trousers and a white bag.

Go for a classic black and white

Black and white is a classic and timeless color combo. Any iconic designer used it: from Chanel – who made of black and white her signature – to Dior, to Yves Saint Laurent. So wearing a black and white combo is always a good idea: try to balance colors to put the focus on your favourite piece of clothing or part of the body considering that the eye will follow the white. The top styling? Create a total black look and accessorise it with white accessories for a stunning, modern yet timeless look.

Make it a statement piece

Adding your white bag in a monochromatic or neutral look will make the bag stand out in such an incredible, fashionable way. Try to wear it with a navy dress and boots for fall or with a monochromatic pink tweed look for winter.

Try the perfect match

You can go for a perfect match, by pairing your white bag with the super-fashionable white boots or with white sneakers. This kind of look works great in this transitional period, between summer and fall: try to wear these white accessories with a floral midi dress for a boho-chic look; or pair them with jeans and cozy sweater for stylish city look.

Images source: Pinterest