Have you ever wondered why so many women own red wallets? It is not a coincidence. According to the Chinese art of Feng Shui, there is a list of prosperous colors that, used on wallets and bags, can help us making money. Does it sound interesting to you? Well, let’s discover which colors you should use to design your next bag.

Red, the color of success

In China, red is considered the happiness and energy color. Red is also associated with recognition, fame, rise: in one word, red is the color of success. Having a red bag should bring energy to our wallet, and this will energize our life for wealth and income. Owning a red bag isn’t a bad idea at all!

Black, the color of prestige

For a woman in pursuit of business success, prestige, and power, the best color for her bag is black. Black is the color of power, authority, and sophistication, and in Feng Shui, it represents opportunity, wealth and prosperity. So, if you want to make money in your business, make sure to wear a black bag during your next meetings.

Blue, the color of growth

Are you going to have a job interview? Don’t forget to wear a blue or navy bag! According to Feng Shui, this color will make your sources of income growth. Wear it also if you want to ask for an income rise to your boss.

Pink, the color of fun

We said that red brings happiness and energy. Pink is the lighter version of red, so it has the same qualities but with a lighter, fun side. So, if you want to have success and also enjoying a good time with your income, pink is the perfect color for your bag.

White, the color of wealth

Would you have ever thought that white was a powerful color? Well, it is! According to Feng Shui, white is the color of metal, metal nurtures water, and water is the element of money, career advancement, and income. So, a white bag is the perfect accessory if you need to attract the attention of influential people.

And what about the metal hardware?

If you want to have even a better money-magnet effect with your bag, remember to design it with a golden hardware. Gold is the color of big metal, so it will bring big money and prestige. And, of course, it is perfect to create classy elegant combos: just think about a blue and gold bag, or a white and gold one!

So…how should I design my money-magnet bag?

Now we learned the power of colors, so all we need to do is combine them to create the perfect money-magnet bag. On DIZAIND website you can mix colors to have your perfect wealth bag. Our advice? Start with a work bag, like our tote Sofie, our bucket bag Julia or our handbag Cindy, pick two or three wealthy-magnet colors that you like and…have fun pairing them on our models!