If you are someone who loves bags more than shoes and has a different bag for every occasion, the one thing you need to add to your collection is  a custom bag.

If you’ve never thought about customizing your own bag, having it handmade by skilled artisans, and receiving it nicely packed in a dust bag and beautiful box at your door in less than 4 weeks, then you will be over the moon to hear this:

Swiss brand DIZAIND is offering a wide range of custom bags on their website, www.dizaindbags.com. This brand enables all bag lovers and trendsetters to become a designer for a day and create their own custom leather bag.

Customize your bag in 10000 different  combinations

DIZAIND offers more than 10,000 different style combinations, 24 beautiful leather colors, and unique bag models for every occasion – and that’s not all! You can customize your bag’s interior, add or remove accessories and shoulder straps, and use the online design engine to zoom in and see your design from all angles. You will feel like a real designer in your studio!

The best thing, though, is that the price of your unique, specially handcrafted bag is actually affordable. It is bag paradise!

11 reasons to get a custom bag

If you are still here with us and not yet designing your dream bag, here are the reasons why you should own at least one custom-made bag:

  • You never will feel a greater satisfaction than holding the bag that you customized for yourself.
  • When people jealously ask who designed your bag, you can proudly say, “Oh, I did.”
  • Custom bags don’t go out of fashion; it is your personal piece of art, so you can carry it year after year.
  • You will probably never meet anyone with an identical bag.
  • You can customize your bag in the colors and leathers that suit you best, not the ones that fashion industry decides to offer you. Read how to design your bag like a pro.
  • You can even monogram your bag!
  • You can add whatever accessories that you want without paying for something you don’t need.
  • You can choose the length of the shoulder strap.
  • You can customize your bag’s interior, which is so much fun. Once you open your bag, you will always see that color to cheer you up.
  • You can customize as many bags as you want and share them on your social media pages to ask your friends’ opinion. It is like taking your best friend shopping without the hassle of running around.
  • You will own a bag that entirely expresses your personal style and taste.

It is time to explore the world of custom bags, become a designer for a day, and customize your bag!



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  1. Westly Smith


    I think that the greatest benefit of getting a customized bag is that it’s truly yours. Like you say, you won’t feel a greater satisfaction than holding the bag that you customized yourself. I haven’t made one yet, but I’m going to. There are so many benefits!

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