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Dizaind bags color trends

The color of your handbag can really enhance your outfit. You can either use it to add a pop of color to your outfit or to give it a classic look. So let’s see what colors are making it big this summer.

  • Orange. One color that was seen a lot on the runways was orange. Think hot tangerines, umbers and saffrons were seen all over certain designer’s collection. Other zesty colors used were bright yellow and green.
  • Grey. A different take on the classic black this season is grey. Not only is it subtle, it will also match almost anything you wear.
  • Pink. Also making it big on the runway are pinks. Fuschias, salmons and light reds will add a feminine touch to your outfit.
  • White. A white handbag looks crisp and clean and adds a breath of freshness to your wardrobe. This sophisticated color is certainly on trend this season. In order to stop a white handbag looking too old fashioned, try to contrast it with an edgier look or make your outfit all white, while making your accessories pop.
  • Geometric color blocking is a great way of making a statement with your handbag. Color blocking is a trend that never goes out of fashion, being both modern and timeless. Using geometrical patterns also adds an edgier twist.
  • Blue is a color we already know in our wardrobes, as most people own blue denim in some form or another, but it’s still very striking in a handbag. On this season’s runways we saw lots of gorgeous shades of blue.
  • Brown is another classic color when it comes to handbags; think anything from light cappuccinos to dark chocolate browns.

So whether or not you’re choosing to color coordinate your outfit or trying to make a fashion statement, the colors of this season are guaranteed to make a splash.




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