Bag color and your personality

It’s not a secret that personal style is a way to communicate who we are. And the most powerful styling tools we can use to communicate are colors. Just think about a simple little dress: would you have the same impression of a woman wearing a black one and another wearing a yellow one? This is true also for bags, so today we’d like to talk with you about how to design the perfect bag to communicate who you are.


Have you ever wondered why so many women own red wallets? It is not a coincidence. According to the Chinese art of Feng Shui, there is a list of prosperous colors that, used on wallets and bags, can help us making money. Does it sound interesting to you? Well, let’s discover which colors you should use to design your next bag. (more…)


From the first documented use of handbags, carved in to stone in hieroglyphics in the 14th century, we have long adored, craved and even idolised handbags, making them a fashion accessory that many of us simply could not live without. So with our favourite handbag at our side through the good times and the bad, it’s time we got to know a little more about our most trusted fashion companion. (more…)

In order to keep your wardrobe versatile you will need to invest in a certain amount of good bags. A good leather bag can accompany you for years, remaining durable and practical. You should choose to view your bags with quality over quantity, investing your money in a few timeless classics. So here it is, the four bags every woman should own: (more…)