From the first documented use of handbags, carved in to stone in hieroglyphics in the 14th century, we have long adored, craved and even idolised handbags, making them a fashion accessory that many of us simply could not live without. So with our favourite handbag at our side through the good times and the bad, it’s time we got to know a little more about our most trusted fashion companion.

With the average woman owning 6 handbags (really??), and the average filled weight being 5.2lbs (wowzers), it may be surprising to learn that in the early 20th century, the word ‘handbag’ related to a man’s briefcase. But men and bags indeed have a deep history of association. In Ancient Egypt, men would happily carry essentials around in a belt-style pouch, whilst back in Europe, a similar idea enabled peasants to transport those life-sustaining seeds from A to B without fear of dropping a single one. And better still for those women who have found themselves falling in love with a highly generous partner, a 2007 survey indicating that men are more likely to buy a brand name bag than a woman.

Brand name designer bags have become one of the most revered items that a woman will ever own. Aspirational and a clearly visible sign of your eye for style, 22% of women said if they were going to spend their hard-earned cash in one moment of designer decadence, it would be a handbag, with only 9% saying they would prefer shoes. And talking of brands, if you know your Mulberry from your Chloe, you may be interested to know that Hermes were the first brand to use zips in handbags in 1923, and a shortage of leather in the second world war led to Gucci creating that iconic cane handle. Move forward to current times, and innovative thinking continues with DIZAIND offering you the chance to design your very own leather handbag online for the ultimate personalised look.

Bags and fashion have long history of, quite literally, going hand-in-hand. As fashionistas know, the right bag can make an outfit or break an outfit. With handbags originally being more about function than design, bags have been more about style since the 17th with it being worthy of noting that in the 1920’s, a trend for carrying a miniature doll replica dressed the same as yourself went as far as matching the handbag too.

But when it comes to interesting facts, no article on bags would be complete without some much-needed luxury extravagance. Unless you have a serious amount of cash to splash, craving that most perfect designer bag as opposed to buying it is just something that is part of being a woman, but there are some bags that even the super-rich would struggle to justify.

In 2008, a Japanese designer made a clutch bag from platinum and encrusted in over 2000 diamonds, making it the world’s first ‘most expensive’ bag at a cost of $2, 000,000. Records were again broken in 2010 with the Guinness World Book of Records awarding the ‘Mouwad 1001 Nights Diamond Purse’ the world’s most valuable handbag at a cost of $3,800,000.

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