Bag color and your personality

It’s not a secret that personal style is a way to communicate who we are. And the most powerful styling tools we can use to communicate are colors. Just think about a simple little dress: would you have the same impression of a woman wearing a black one and another wearing a yellow one? This is true also for bags, so today we’d like to talk with you about how to design the perfect bag to communicate who you are.

Red: for passionate and strong women

Let’s start with a very popular color: red. Red is the eye-catching color par excellence: it’s the color of desire, passion, love. It communicates a strong personality, a leadership will, and it is perfect for an ambitious, determined woman as well as for a sensual one. If you love life and you face its challenges without losing your charm, a red bag is perfect for you!

Yellow: for a happy and playful woman

Yellow is the color of sunshine: maybe this is the reason why it communicates so much happiness, energy, cheerfulness, enthusiasm. A woman with a yellow bag looks like a happy, playful and confident woman. it is also associated with learning, having ideas and taking decisions: so it is perfect if you are a creative soul or for a student!

Green: for a natural and wealthy woman

Green has two main meanings: it is associated with nature and the environment as well as with money and wealth. It communicates prosperity, a big love for nature, animals, family, friends, and home, but also that you are hopeful and that you work on yourself to grow.

Blue: for a trustworthy and calm woman

Blue is a very versatile color: it will make you look communicative, loyal, trustworthy, but it is also associated with authority; it is calm and peaceful, but it also inspires feelings of integrity and responsibility. All these qualities make it the perfect color for a business woman’s bag: you will radiate security and trust, and this is perfect when you’re dealing with customers and colleagues.

Purple: for a spiritual and mysterious woman

Purple and violet are associated with royalty and nobility, but also with spirituality and mystery. Chose a dark purple to communicate self-awareness and a passion for luxury, or prefer lavender and lilac shades if you feel more feminine, nostalgic, reflexive. Pink, as a very light shade of purple, can be related to femininity, romanticism, and sentimentalism too.

Brown: for a simple and honest woman

Brown is associated with earth and nature: this is why it inspires honesty and loyalty. A woman that wears brown looks like a simple and genuine woman that trust in basic things, like family and friends, that has a  great sense of duty and responsibility.

Black: for a sophisticated woman

Sophisticated, formal, luxurious, powerful: black is the color for an elegant, confident woman. Despite what people often think, black is distinctive and memorable: a woman with a black bag must be taken seriously. You can pair it with other colors to make them stand out and to add a touch of confidence to any look.

White: for a minimalist and ethereal woman

White is the color of purity and innocence. A white bag communicates cleaning, perfection, simplicity, and it also inspires growth, openness, and creativity. Wear it if you need a bit of inspiration, or if you want to refresh your life with a minimal touch.

Multicolor: for the open-minded and creative woman

If you want to play with your look, to have fun, to communicate you are a versatile, open-minded, creative woman, design a multicolor bag and wear it proudly! Multicolor indicates variety, and it also a brave choice: so the person who wears a unique, colorful bag will look brave and versatile too. If you feel like you fit in the meaning of many colors, try to mix and match them in a bag on our website: the result could be amazing!

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